Tenancy Information


We have the following forms available for you to download and print:

Form – Tenancy Application (incl Pets)

Form – Tenant – Quick Reference Guide & General Information


Belouis Realty is a cash FREE agency, direct deposit is the preferred method of payment for ALL rent and invoice payments. Please refer to the Rent Payment & Arrears Agency Policy form available for download below:

Form – Tenant – Rent Payment & Arrears Agency Procedure

It is your responsibility as the Tenant to arrange and make all rent/invoice payments on-time or as required ensuring that the allocated REFERENCE NUMBER is used at all times for receipting and allocation purposes.

Belouis Realty Trust Account Details are:

Bank: Westpac – Oxenford
Name: DH Realty Pty Ltd t/as Belouis Realty Trust Account
BSB: 034-153
Account: 229629
YOUR REFERENCE: (first 4 letters of your street name with your house number, for example: 7 Northward Street, Upper Coomera = NORT007)

In the event of a rental rate increase, it is the Tenants responsibility to increase the amount of the direct debit schedule (if or when necessary) and to cancel the direct debit scheduled at the end of the tenancy, As Belouis Realty are NOT the account holders, we CAN NOT change any direct debit scheduled.


Please complete, sign and return to our office within 3 DAYS OF THE LEASE COMMENCEMENT DATE as required by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.


Electricity, Gas & Telephone

As a tenant, unless stipulated otherwise, you are responsible to arrange connection of your utilities and to pay for the consumption component along with any other optional services you choose to connect (for example telephone / internet / cable TV).

Prior to moving into the property, you will need to contact your elected provider i.e. Origin / AGL to notify them of your move in date and to open an account with them:

Origin  – 1300 137 427 – www.originenergy.com.au

AGL – 1300 758 381- www.agl.com.au

If your property has bottled gas, we recommend:

Supagas Beenleigh – 07 3297 2222
Elgas – 13 11 61
Plusgas – 07 3800 2080

Water consumption accounts are to remain in the owner(s) name, and you will be invoiced by our accounts department for water consumption. All payments are to be made into the DH Realty Trust Account the same way that your rental payments are made, however you MUST put the reference as WATERYourSurname.

Upon vacating, please ensure to close all utilities accounts.


The Property is inspected by your designated Property Manager, our assigned Maintenance Inspection Manager or a representative of Belouis Realty 3 or 4 times per year.

You will be notified in writing via EMAIL between 7 to 14 days prior of the inspection date and allocated 2 hr time frame. Inspections are carried out between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. You are welcome to be present for the inspection; however we will use office keys to gain access if required. Please note, that we do not reschedule routine inspections unless extenuating circumstances, due to other circumstances. This is due to the volume of routine inspections conducted by our team each month which are planned geographically for time management.

For further information please refer to the Routine Inspection Agency Procedure available for download below:

Form – Tenant – Routine Inspection Agency Procedure


All general repairs and maintenance must be forwarded to our Agency in WRITING so we can act accordingly. Provide as much information as possible of the repairs needed, inclusive of pictures as well as access authorisation in order for repairs to be done. Maintenance Repair Request forms are available for download below.

Form – Tenant – Maintenance Repair Request


Emergency repairs include such situations as:

  • Burst water service
  • Gas leak
  • Blocked or broken toilet
  • Fault/damage likely to cause injury
  • Serious roof leak
  • Electrical shock/fault

PHONE 07 5502 9422 or your dedicated property manager (Michelle Siolo 0424 181 644, Sarah Pardoe 0452 085 672, Hannah Mitchell/TeMaoi Clarke 0404 163 165) to report these types of situations immediately.

If after hours, leave a detailed message of the situation and refer to the emergency contact numbers listed on Page 2 of the General Tenancy Agreement as well as refer to the Information Statement available in this Tenancy Moving In Kit.


We advise ALL TENANTS to insure their own contents as they are NOT covered under the Lessor’s policies.


Office Hours – you can collect our office management set and return them to our office within a 2hr time frame, however, identification will be required.

After Hours – contact a Locksmith at your cost. We recommended the following Locksmiths:

All Coast Locksmiths – 0406 333 300 OR

Achieve Locksmiths – 0407 671 818 OR

API Locksmiths – 07 5531 3844


All cars, motorbikes, trailers, campervans, caravans, boats and trucks are to be parked in designated parking areas ONLY.

DO NOT park on front lawn areas or on Body Corporate designated common areas (where applicable). It is the Tenants responsibility to repair any damage done when parking cars etc in such areas.

Oil stains on driveways is the Tenant’s responsibility to remove before vacating the Property. To avoid such damage we recommend the purchase of a drip tray.


No animals may be kept on the premises without the owner(s) written permission and respective pet clause signed by the tenant(s).


It is recommended that pot plants are raised off the carpet or outside areas to avoid water damage or staining.



If you wish to have a pool of any size, it may require fencing due to Legislation. You must first seek permission from the Lessor in writing for the pool.

If permission is granted, it is then the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure that ALL fencing requirements are met in accordance with relevant legislation.

We recommend you contact the Queensland Government and your local Council for further information.


How much notice must I give if I would like to vacate the property?

This depends on the type of lease you have signed. If you wish to vacate the property whilst on a non-fixed term lease (‘periodic lease’), you are required to give not less than fourteen (14) clear days written notice. If you are on a “fixed term tenancy” you are required to provide not less than fourteen (14) clear days written notice to vacate the property upon the expiry date of the lease agreement. If you wish to break your lease, you must first seek approval from the owner/owners’ agent and sign a ‘request for consent to terminate fixed term agreement’. You are also responsible to pay the rent until a new, suitable tenant is secured, or until the end of the lease agreement (whichever occurs first). You must also pay any damages / costs incurred by the owner that relate directly to the lease agreement being terminated early.

If you are a current customer of our agency, please feel free to contact your property manager if you have any queries or if you would like any further clarification.

The prescribed Form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave is available for download below:

Form – Tenant – RTA Form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave

Form – Tenant – RTA Form 14A Exit Property Condition Report


If you wish to vacate the property DURING your Tenancy:

Please contact your Property Manager immediately and make an appointment at which time the Property Manager will advise you of your obligations during this process.